Extra Credit, Tuesday Edition

Fun with I-Banker Compensation

Morgan Stanley Balks at New CICC Bids: They fell to $600 million from over $1 billion.

Greenspan’s Oil Call: And all the other times he’s been wrong.

Vegetable Capital Ripens: Equity Private on hedge-funders in Hollywood. "You can now pick up many of the interests in these funds for $0.70 on the dollar. That is, if you like paying $0.70 for a quarter."

Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business

I Gave 200% on This Blog Post: "In 2006 Peterborough chairman Barry Fry, noting that his soccer club was giving its manager “150% commitment,” said, “whatever he wants I’ll back him one million percent.” Five months later, a new chairman ousted the manager."

My Favorite Liar

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