Extra Credit, Tuesday Edition

The proviso on a carbon tax – determining the price of carbon – is a show stopper

Credit markets beware: CPDOs on the cusp of forced deleveraging: I love it when Sam Jones gets his nerd on.

China Mobile: 400,000 Unlocked iPhones On Our Network

Tax Futures, "In Real Life": InTrade is launching tax-rate futures contracts.

Consumer Sentiment Not All Dark

Vanguard Battles Barclays Over `Derivatives for the Masses’

Cheer up, Professor Krugman: One of the weirdest and most inexplicable charts I’ve seen in a while.

In Hotel Design, He’s Mr. Prolific: "In the current market, a mid-range Manhattan hotel room — typically 250 square feet — is worth $400,000 to $500,000 to the developer."

Lies, Damned Lies: And Roger Clemens statistics.

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