Steve Jobs on “Pungent Odors”

This might be a little off-topic, but it’s too good not to share. It’s from the Fort Greene Kids listerv on Yahoo, where a member shared an email she sent to Steve Jobs:

hi steve,

i have enjoyed watching apple grow and have fully participated in

each of the technologies (with the exception of the iphone) and i

love the apple retail stores.

however, i have one issue i would like to get an answer about.

why aren’t there diaper changing tables in the nyc soho store? (i

don’t know about the other locations as i only visit this one in new

york.) i am terribly disappointed there are no changing stations.

my son is 3 1/2 and hasn’t worn diapers for awhile, so it doesn’t

particularly affect me any longer. but, i can’t understand why a

company that is so on the cutting edge and seems so understanding

wouldn’t install baby diaper changing tables? they really are quite

simple and practical. there are many parents (male and female –

could you install in both bathrooms??) i see visiting the apple

store with kids. i know myself i spent a few hours at the genius

bar getting support and i spent a few hours browsing the store and

purchasing items. it’s a challenge to find a bathroom in nyc and

it’s great you made such nice ones for the grown folks, but how

about installing a few pull down tables to change those little

future customers?

when the store redid the bathrooms a few years ago, i thought maybe

there would be one when i opened the door? alas – there is not.

no one in the store has been able to answer my question.

can you?


thank you.

And this is the reply she (allegedly) received:

From: Steve Jobs <>

Date: January 3, 2008 10:33:14 PM EST

To: [redacted]

Subject: Re: apple retail store – soho nyc – baby diaper changing table???

There doesn’t seem to be a demand for it, and it usually is accompanied by rather pungent odors.


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