Extra Credit, Weekend Edition

Do we need a recession to purge the rottenness out of our system? It seems the Americans tend to say no, while the Europeans are more likely to say yes.

Bloomberg Still Deciding Whether to Buy Presidency: “At this point, buying the United States isn’t looking like such a good investment,” the adviser said. “At the end of the day, Mike might be better off buying Canada.”

The Early Bird Gets the Bad Grade: School should start later. And maybe Wall Street, with its addiction to 8am meetings, might do well to follow suit.

(Economic) Reality Bites: Pity the parents struggling to send their children to private school: "Sitting in a meeting and talking about real people with real children living in my community and anticipating the struggles they’re likely to endure in 2008 and for some years in the future, it feels bad. Really, really bad."

Folsom’s Departure Creates Opening to Fix The World Bank Fight Against Corruption

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