Extra Credit, Weekend Edition

E*Trade figure does not compute…

New Type of Analysis on the Iowa Results: How the big Republican winners in Iowa were McCain and Giuliani more than Hucakbee. But:

Are Political Markets Really Superior to Polls as Election Predictors? A link which comes from:

Closing the books: "It is ‘Twenty Years Ago Today’ that people wrote their first articles saying that it was ‘Twenty Years Ago Today’ that the Beatles sang that it was ‘Twenty Years Ago Today’ at the start of Sergeant Pepper… The Vietnam War is now as far in the past as the Second World War was at the beginning of the Vietnam War. There has, basically, been at least one complete political and cultural generation turned over since the 1960s. I therefore declare 2008 to be officially The Year That We No Longer Have The 1960s To Blame."

Buiter vs Dillow on Huckabee’s fundamentalism: The view from across the pond.

Harvard’s Financial Aid Reforms: Andrew Samwick on why Dartmouth shouldn’t be worried.

That name no longer holds any meaning for me: Accrued Interest on the "crisis" meme.

Few signs of relief for falling pound: Maybe, soon, I’ll be able to afford to visit my hometown again?

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