Extra Credit, Thursday Edition

JPMorgan Chase Tower at WTC Site to Lose the Beer Gut

Peloton’s `World Coming to an End’ Bet Returned 87% in 2007

Carlyle Chairman: There’s No Crisis

Mexico Slashes 2008 Growth Forecast on U.S. Economy: It’s now expected to grow just 2.8%, not 3.7%.

FT Global MBA rankings: Wharton’s still top. London rises from 5th place in 2007 to second, while NYU drops from 8th to 13th.

Managerial Overconfidence and Corporate Policies: "Over six years, we collect a unique panel of nearly 7,000 observations of probability distributions provided by top financial executives regarding the stock market. Financial executives are miscalibrated: realized market returns are within the executives’ 80% confidence intervals only 38% of the time."

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