Extra Credit, Thursday Edition

Will Home Prices Hit Bottom by June?

In flagrante delicto: Tim Price’s picks for 2008. Sensible.

Democrats: More Than Health Care: David Leonhardt compares the economic policies of Clinton and Obama.

Three Different Cures for Three Types of Financial Crises: Brad DeLong starts classifying.

The coming decline in UK house prices: how large and how helpful? Buiter’s analysis is germane for much of the US, too.

Project: Deciphering Financial Newsletter Speak

Planes to Nowhere

I’m probably never flying again

InTrade-TradeSports are fucking up contracts, once again Related: Arbitrage opportunities across election markets.

In the Fight Over Piracy, a Rare Stand for Privacy

February-December romances and their impact on Social Security: "There are 70 women aged 25 or younger in this country who are earning Social Security benefits as the spouses of retired workers. To qualify, they must be married to men 62 or older and have children…"

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