Trade the FX Markets for Fun and Losses!

Online poker, it’s a bitch, what with being illegal and all. What we really

need is a legal way to lose lots of money online, using an addictive

videogame-style interface. Enter eToro:

where Reuters 3000 meets Nintendo Wii!

There’s some kind of genius here. FX trading has historically been practiced

by a combination of well-paid sell-side professionals and a few delusional stay-at-home

day-traders who think they can beat the market. What’s been missing from the

market is inveterate gamblers who don’t particularly mind losing money so long

as they think there’s a chance they can win.

Until now. With eToro, you can see a screen where three or four different currencies

compete in a footrace. Or play a different game, where two currencies have a

tug-of-war match. Whatever game you choose, your commissions are guaranteed

to be stratospheric:

When a user registers for a real money account, that account is actually

opened at one of two foreign exchange trading brokers, RetailFX or IFX Markets.

eToro decides which broker based on where it expects to make the most commissions

on trades the user makes.

Remember, that’s a good thing, because if you sign up your friends

for eToro, you can get 25% of their revenues! Hurry! Before this utterly ridiculous

idea inevitably goes belly-up!

(HT: Lance Knobel, who pointed me

to Infosthetics)

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