Labor vs Capital in Baseball

Is A-Rod seeking an "insane"

amount of money? Not


In 2001, the first year of the first Rodriguez mega-contract, major-league

players were getting 56% of their sport’s $3.5 billion in revenues.

Yet this year, Jeff Passan notes

on Yahoo Sports, players made only about 41% of baseball’s $6 billion

in revenue.

If Rodriguez gets $35 million a year, that’s about one half of one percent

of baseball’s annual revenues – and remember that he’s looking for a 10-year

contract, which means his salary as a percentage of revenues will only go down

as those revenues go up. In the perennial war of labor vs capital, it seems

that capital is winning, right now, at least in baseball. For the sake of The

Workers, let’s hope A-Rod gets what he’s asking!

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