How Mark Zuckerberg is Like Howard Dean

Facebook saw its valuation skyrocket back in May, when it announced it was

opening up its platform to third-party developers. Except… the Facebook platform

isn’t really open, as Marc Andreessen explained

shortly after its launch. Now, Andreessen’s

Ning and Rupert

Murdoch’s Myspace have both signed on to the new de facto standard

for social networking applications, Google’s Open Social. It does everything

that the Facebook platform does, and a little bit more, and it reaches an order

of magnitude more potential users.

I’m reminded of when Vermont started allowing civil unions for gay couples

– at the time, it was considered a great and brave and controversial thing

to do. Nowadays, civil unions are the cop-out, weak-assed compromise: it’s gay

marriage which is the real issue. Similarly, the Facebook platform has gone

from ahead of the curve to behind the curve pretty much overnight. My guess

is that Facebook will (be forced to) join Open Social sooner rather than later.

Its first-mover advantage has now become a liability.

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