Gay Demographics Datapoint of the Day



Since 1990, the Census Bureau has tracked the presence of same-sex "unmarried

partners," commonly understood to be lesbian and gay couples. From an

initial count of about 145,000 same-sex couples in 1990, the 2006 data show

that this population

has increased fivefold to nearly 780,000 couples. The number of same-sex

couples grew more than 21 times faster than the U.S.

population did…

The bellwether state might be Utah. In 2005, Salt Lake City approved

a benefits program for lesbian and gay couples. Identifying openly as

gay no longer

represents an honor code violation at Brigham Young University. And, perhaps

most striking, the state now has three openly

gay state legislators. That’s one more

than in the U.S. Congress.

(Via Florida)

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