Extra Credit, Tuesday Edition


giant write-downs: What did it know, and when did it know it?


M&A Biz Provides No Relief: You thought Blackstone was an M&A advisory

shop as well as a private-equity firm? Turns out, not so much. Also:


posts loss from IPO charges: "Blackstone is starting to go long the

subprime market". Is that smart, given its extant commercial real-estate



Roubini’s latest recession call: "Expect Q4 growth to be 1% or below

and this growth further to accelerate into negative territory by H1 of 2008."

Is this a meme? Me,

on November 4: "In the Sachs vs Easterly debate, I come down on the

side of, shall we say, Paul Collier." Jagdish

Bhagwati, on November 7: "I disagree with Sachs and Easterly, for opposed

reasons… I am more in tune with Paul Collier".

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Buys a Private



11 most bicycle-friendly cities in the world: The USA does surprisingly

well, with four. Interestingly, San Francisco comes in 8th, despite its hills.


Prada fuels Senegal’s Muslim brotherhood

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