Extra Credit, Thursday Edition

Research that aids publicists

but not the public "Universal Widgets is not a very interesting company,

widgets are not a very interesting product, and Nigel Snooks, the chief executive,

is not a very interesting man. But a survey that shows that two-thirds of men

have contemplated hitting their wives with a widget will produce many media

slots in which Mr Snooks of Universal Widgets can recount the findings. There

is even a term for this kind of activity. It is called “thought leadership”."


Profit More Than Doubles on Takeover Fees


Why we should treat all inequality statistics with a large pinch of salt.


Call "Shenanigans" on GDP! "At the risk of sounding shrill,

I am compelled to point out the quantum bogosity of this 3.9% GDP number,"

says Ritholtz; slightly more sober explanation here.


Derrida to Derivatives "It will be interesting to see if securitization

becomes a bad word just like "theory" did…"

Fake FOMC Press Release Generator


Enclaves Face Prospect of Being Passé

The Horror:

An ATM to end all ATMs.

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