Blogonomics: How a New Blog is Born

Some of the blogs linking to Andrew

Clavell since I wrote

about his

Citigroup analysis yesterday afternoon: Paul

Kedrosky, FT

Alphaville, Fintag,

peHUB, DealBreaker,


Price. There’s even a chap

in India.

The main effect of all this attention seems to be that Clavell’s photo has

disappeared from his website, although it’s still there

on Seeking Alpha, where Clavell has received four comments on top of the seven

comments on his own site.

Clavell is not an A-list blogger yet, far from it. But when people tell me

that it’s much harder to break in to the blogging world now than it was a couple

of years ago, I’m not convinced. Even if you’re brand-new

to the blogging scene and unknown, a smart post or two will get you up and

running in no time, and aggregators such as Seeking Alpha and the Huffington

Post will help you get there with if anything even less difficulty than there

was in the past.

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