Google Datapoint of the Day

Google now drives more traffic to than links from the

homepage and all emailed articles combined. Alex

Patriquin has the chart; it shows that in September, the top referral source

for was Google, with 4,862,831 referrals. That’s up 43% from a year

ago. Meanwhile, people going to stories from the homepage or by

clicking on a link in an email fell by almost 4% to 3,115,472. As a

result, Google now has a 56% lead over the NYT’s own internally-generated traffic.

I knew that Google

killed TimesSelect, but I had no idea it was this powerful. These

numbers are the final nail in the coffin of’s subscription model, and

if anybody at Pearson has a brain they should kill off’s

subscription model as well. If you don’t get Google love, you can’t compete.

Simple as that.

(Via Jeff,

of course)

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