Extra Credit, Weekend Edition


Joint Economic Committee report on subprime lending. Notes Calculated

Risk: "In 2006, 29% of all mortgage loans were originated through mortgage

brokers, but 63% of all subprime mortgages were originated through brokers."

The Brazilian stock exchange, at the end of its first

day as a listed company in its own right, is worth more than $13 billion.


Man Walking: The Epicurean Dealmaker on Stan O’Neal.

Being a CEO at an investment bank is not unlike crowd surfing at a mosh pit:

it’s a pretty cool way to move around quickly, you are supported entirely

by other peoples’ efforts, and everyone tries to get a piece of you. Unfortunately,

when the crowd loses interest in supporting you, you tend to fall fast, hard,

and painfully.


Tale of Whoa: On the importance of choosing your hold music carefully.

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