Dow Jones: The Murdoch Era Begins

Rupert Murdoch does not, yet, officially own Dow Jones. But he clearly controls

it, all the same. Today, the day that Rupert’s new business channel launches

in head-to-head competition with CNBC, Dow Jones’s websites have decided to


all CNBC’s advertising. As Jeff Bercovici says,

A spokesman for Dow Jones, which owns both sites, declined to comment to

the Times on the decision, but if you suspect Rupert Murdoch of pulling the

levers on this one, award yourself a cookie.

Meanwhile, Brad DeLong is noting signs

of sense on the WSJ editiorial page, and ascribing that to Murdoch, too:

Most of it is Rupert Murdoch signalling that the Wall Street Journal editorial

page can now be rented: that it won’t be the knee-jerk slave of the Republican

extreme anymore, and that people who want its support (within reason) should

start offering him bids.

Brad doesn’t mean this literally, and he’s not talking about corporate lobbying,

he’s talking about politicians. Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers tend to support

those politicians who act in Rupert Murdoch’s best interests, and it’s possible

that the WSJ editorial page will move in that direction from its erstwhile wingnuttery.

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