Ambani Joins Richest Man In World Stakes

The "richest man in the world" stakes are heating up. With Bill Gates

seemingly more interested in giving his money away than in accumulating more

of it, it seemed inevitable that Mexico’s Carlos Slim would

take his place at the top of the pile. But now there’s another contender,

this time from India: Mukesh

Ambani, subject of a long

profile in the latest issue of Portfolio.

There’s bound to be a fair amount of debate

over this, and I’ll leave it to a rival monthly business mag to run the numbers.

But it is worth noting one big difference and one big similarity between Ambani

and Slim. The difference is that Ambani is not a technology billionaire;

the similarity is that both of them made their billions not internationally

but rather domestically, in an emerging-market country. Globalization is a big

thing, but the Ambani fortune almost flies in the face of it.

(Via Fox)

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