Steve Jobs Gives Me $100

Steve Jobs is giving me $100! Thanks, Steve!

I’m happy about this: my $499 iPhone has now essentially become a $399 iPhone, which is a very attractive price indeed. True, the real $399 iPhone has twice the capacity of mine. But I’ve been very happy with my phone for over two months now, and would probably have paid the extra $100 for those two months alone.

Plus, I have a feeling that my 4GB iPhone is going to become even more of a collector’s item than my first-generation 5GB iPod. Does anybody have one, except for me?

(Yes, I know that technically Steve isn’t giving me anything: I can only get $100 worth of Apple product. But what’s the chance that I’m not going to spend $100 on Apple product sometime soon?)

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  1. Stefan says:

    I have the original 5GB iPod too. When we bought yours for your birthday back in 2002 there was a brief discussion about whether we should get you the then-new 10GB version, but that debate was quickly brought to an end by the realization that then you’d have a better iPod than me, and that couldn’t be. So 5GB it was.

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