Who Will Get Acquired On Monday?


Timberlake has been looking at action in Macy’s and Target shares, and reckons

it’s consistent with the kind of insidery

trading which often precedes an acquisition announcement or a shareholder-friendly

spinoff. So maybe Macy’s will be bought on Monday, or maybe it won’t: "It

was the third consecutive Friday that the shares rose on the possibility of

a buyout," Tiimberlake says.

A more likely takeover candidate is UK marketing and advertising agency Adventis.

Capital Chronicle’s RJH Adams notes that shares

in Adventis surged 5.6% in the last two hours of trading on Friday, on volume

of 1 million shares. Which doesn’t seem particularly shocking until you learn

that typical volume in Adventis is 250,000 shares a quarter.

Adventis is a very strong candidate for some kind of big announcement, then,

while Macy’s and Target are strong possibilities. After all, we do know that


dealing is rampant, and rarely successfully prosecuted.

(Via DealJournal)

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