Weekend Links Join the Plutocracy

Charles Schumer: Friend

of private equity.

Bill Clinton: Blogging.

My comment was not accepted by the moderators for publication. I wasn’t rude,

I just asked why African countries should be "leaders in the fight against

global warming". If anything, African countries should be the ones getting

a free pass on carbon emissions.

Edward Cardinal Egan, lobbyist.

If you want your controversial and illegal merger to get a pass from Congress,

it can’t hurt to get an archbishop on board!

Carlos Slim: Probably not

the world’s richest man, after all.

Bain Capital: Normally charges 2-and-30. But if you’re willing

to have your money sitting on the sidelines, only to be used in case of emergency,

they’ll only charge you 0-and-20. Bargain!

The Rothschilds: Reunited.

Of course, being Rothschilds, the structure by which this was achieved is brain-achingly


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