Sun Valley: The Rich and the Reckless


are, generally, a very risk-conscious breed, which is one reason why Roman

Abramovich is spending

$2.4 million a year on private security, including hiring former solidiers

of the SAS, Britain’s elite commando unit. At the same time, they’re often big

risk-takers, if the pay-off in thrills is big enough: think Larry Ellison’s

yacht races, or Richard Branson’s adventures in hot air balloons.

What doesn’t make sense is high-risk, low-return behavior such as not

wearing a seatbelt when driving at 91 miles an hour on the Garden State


And so the question naturally arises: Why doesn’t Barry Diller

tie his shoelaces? Reuters photographer Rick Wilking caught

the IAC CEO in podiatric

peril earlier today. What could possibly explain his recklessness? A few


  • It’s a fashion statement orchestrated by his wife, fashion designer Diane

    von Furstenberg, who is walking on his right.

  • Diller’s shoelaces are always tied by his valet, but unfortunately there

    wasn’t space for both the valet and Diller’s store of cardigans on his private

    jet. Clearly, the valet had to be left behind, with potentially disastrous


  • Diller is too forward-looking to ever look down at his feet. How can he

    be expected to know when his laces are untied?

  • Diller is such a busy man he doesn’t have the time to tie his shoelaces.
  • Diller only ever wears loafers. He really has no idea what shoelaces are.
  • Diller’s just a wild and crazy guy – sometimes, he even goes outside

    without putting sunblock on his bald patch!

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