Blackstone vs KKR: Schwarzman Wins

Now that both Blackstone and KKR have lifted their kimonos for the investing

public, it’s pretty obvious that Blackstone has won the face-off. DealJournal

and the NYT

have handy like-for-like comparison breakdowns, and Blackstone beats KKR on

pretty much every metric bar age – although commenters on the DealJournal

piece are already sniping that the comparisons are not very helpful.

It is clear, however, that KKR is going to raise much less money than Blackstone,

and will almost certainly have a much smaller market capitalization when it’s

done. For Henry Kravis, overshadowed already by the news

that his rival Steve Schwarzman is dropping $26 billion on

Hilton hotels, that’s got to hurt a little.

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