Wolfowitz Damned by Bank Board

I don’t have time right now to give the World Bank’s Wolfowitz

report the attention it deserves: I’m off to midtown, where lots of the

world’s mayors are congregating for the Large

Cities Climate Summit. In any case, worldbankpresident.org

should fulfill all your Wolfowitz needs for the time being. Suffice to say that

despite the damning nature of the report, Wolfowitz and the Bush administration

aren’t giving up, and I

was wrong about Hank Paulson: Steven Weisman reports


Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. was on the telephone during the day

with counterparts in at least half a dozen countries to tell them that “these

facts do not rise to the level of warranting dismissal,” according to

a senior Treasury official.

There seems no way now that this whole thing isn’t going to become very ugly.

The worst possible outcome, really, for the Bank – unless it somehow results

in a new president from a developing nation.

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