“They Look at Money as a Proxy for Aggression”

Blogger "Chew your grouse" has a gimlet

eye for finance types:

The publisher of Trader and DealMaker magazines stands at the podium with

the "Top 100 Traders of 2006" issue, including the guy from Centaurus

in Houston on the other side of the Amaranth trade who made $2 billion for

the year. "Can you imagine what that feels like?" she asks, awestruck.

It was pretty pathetic to see a grown human — who herself made surely reasonable

money — get excited like this, and the mostly guy crowd tittered a little

as well at the mere thought of it.

The problem is that his attitude isn’t going to make him a gazillionaire. Indeed,

the very fact that he’s not pulling down the megabucks already is pretty

much enough to disqualify

him from the kind of job which will make him squillions in the future. Here

he is talking to a headhunter:

The guy is like, "so how much did you make last year," and I tell

him, and he’s like "ummmm, errrr. Well, that’s a problem, cuz they’re

gonna look at that and say: if he likes money, why hasn’t he figured out a

way to earn more? This is a job that offers the potential to earn seven figures

eventually, and they want people who want that." And I’m like "I’m

a friggin Slavist already, gimme a break." And he’s like "They look

at money as a proxy for aggression."

There is a certain beauty to the logic, it must be said. To get rich, you have

to be aggressive. If you’re aggressive, you’ll be rich. So if you’re not rich,

you can’t be aggressive. Ergo, to get rich, you have to be rich.

Which at least means the rest of us can stop worrying, I guess.

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