One Question for Paul Wolfowitz

Your top aide and spin doctor has quit, with no mention of you in his statement.

Your other top aide has distanced herself from you in a more literal manner,

moving out of her office, which was just outside of yours. And your board of

governors has found

you guilty of a serious offense, although it hasn’t (yet) come up with a

condign punishment. As David

Corn points out, this means that you’re actually guilty of two

serious offenses, since it means you lied to the panel as well. If by some miracle

you manage to keep your job for more than a week, you will have no respect within

your institution and you will be utterly ineffective. So I have but one question

for you: Why on earth haven’t you resigned already?

I’m quite sure that in your own mind you’ve done nothing wrong. Fine. Life’s

not always fair. Get over it. The longer you stay, the more damage you do not

only to your own reputation, but also to that of the USA. You’ve left it too

long already, but, please, resign. Today. You’ll feel better once you do, I


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