How Best to Maximize Blog Traffic

Barry Ritholtz, econoblogger extraordinaire, today opens

his kimono a little bit and lets us see a few of his stats. By far the most

interesting is the keywords which drive traffic to his site — and 27.5% of

his pageviews come from search engines.

Ritholtz’s blog is called "The Big Picture", and the terms "Big

Picture" and "The Big Picture" understandably account for 5.79%

of his search-engine traffic between them. But they’re dwarfed by another search

term, which accounts for an eye-popping 22.5% of his search engine traffic:


Ritholtz, it turns out, wrote a blog

entry back in March about a website called youporn – and that blog

entry is now the number-three search result for that term. What’s more, given

that his website is called "The Big Picture", I’m quite sure that

substantially all of the people following that link are looking for, well, big

pictures, rather than financial and economic analysis from a New York hedge-fund

manager. Still, it’s all good for traffic.

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