Department of Home Security

How much money can companies spend on security for their executives? On Friday,

Michelle Leder

found that fashion company Guess was spending $158,000 a year on "home

security" for CEO Maurice Marciano. Today, MarketBeat

ups the ante:

Last month, Google disclosed compensation of $532,755 for personal security

for CEO Eric Schmidt, which made up most of his stated compensation. On Friday, revealed that the company spent about $1.2 million for security

arrangments for Chairman and CEO Jeff Bezos, who received minimal pay.

I’d love to know what this money goes on: I have visions of the kind of security

systems that are always deviously circumvented in heist flicks. Do those things

actually exist in real life? And if so, are they owned by the likes of Marciano,

Schmidt, and Bezos?

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