On that illustration

There’s been a bit of interest in the cartoon of me on the Portfolio website, but no one’s worked out where it comes from. In fact, the source is my Christmas mitzvah from December 2005, when I drove a Zipcar around Manhattan giving lifts to people who were inconvenienced by the transit strike. What you can’t tell, of course, from the line drawing is the fact that my suit is purple…


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4 Responses to On that illustration

  1. lookin’ good, might I add!

  2. Caravaggio says:

    Loving the suit…it takes courage, you are a brave man, Felix.

  3. obrian, brian says:

    a lovely photo of yourself my friend… but what of our crafty handiwork? blog you.

    yours truly…

  4. Jame says:

    Felix, loved the suit, but the illo doesn’t work. Wrong nose and especially the wrong mouth. Surely tracing isn’t so hard these days? It just doesn’t look like you.

    Great to see you and Michelle & comrades the other night in NY, by the way. Happy trails.

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