New York to get Congestion-Pricing Plan


I’m sure that the grin on the face of Aaron Naparstek and

other Streetsblog authors is going

to be very hard to wipe off today, in the wake of news that mayor Michael

Bloomberg has decided to stick his neck out and advocate

for a New York City congestion charge.

The details will emerge on Sunday, but according to the NYT, this morning,

the call for a congestion charge will be combined, sensibly, with many other

proposals in a far-reaching project with the rather cumbersome name of PlaNYC.

As the population of New York continues to grow, and as the cost of traffic

congestion (last estimated at $13

billion per year) continues to rise, doing nothing is simply not an option.

Congestion pricing is never popular before it is introduced. But if the experience

in London and Stockholm is any guide, people will learn to love it – just

as they learned to love New York’s smoking ban – once they see how much

better the city becomes as a result.

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