More Eye-Popping Executive Compensation

Here’s one for the executive-compensation annals. I know you’re getting bored

of the subject, but bear with me here. This time, the company is Rocky Mountain

Fudge, and the easily-overlooked SEC filing is its 8K,

filed on April 16. The president and CEO who’s resigning "for personal

reasons" is Ronald Moulton. But he’s not exactly retiring:

he’s staying on as a "consultant". You want the juicy details?

Ronald Moulton’s agreement is for a term of three years and will be

automatically renewed for an additional three years, unless otherwise terminated

by Mr. Moulton or the company by giving 15 days written notice prior to the

renewal date. Mr. Moulton will provide consulting services related to the

production and marketing of our products and will act as an advisor to our

management. Mr. Moulton will be compensated at the rate of $20.00 per hour

for his services and be reimbursed for expenses related to his services.

Yep, you read that right. $20 per hour. That and a gold

star from Michelle Leder.

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