Market Movers

It’s live! Up until now, I’ve been crossposting to, but now that has finally been unveiled to the world, you’ll have to go there to read most of my finance blogs. You can always get there by going to, in case you don’t want to navigate through the Portfolio home page.

The RSS feed is here; at the moment it’s truncated, but I’ve asked them to change that and serve the full content. In any case, if you subscribe to my “All blog entries” RSS feed or my “Finance and economics” feed, you don’t need to do anything: the Portfolio blog entries should be shuffled in there among the (now necessarily much less frequent) entries.

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3 Responses to Market Movers

  1. Ok, you are moving again Felix … 🙂

    but don’t worry I am sure your faithful readers will follow.

    On that note, the link to the blog does not work it seems although the RSS url seems to be just fine?!

  2. Caravaggio says:

    This reader will follow the Salmon upstream.

  3. dsquared says:

    Hmmm, for some reason that page kills Internet Explorer stone dead for me. blah blah blah Firefox, blah blah Macs better than PCs blah.

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