How is the population of the US like a 7th grade dance?

The Creativity Exchange finds this chart from National Geographic, wonderfully described by Mark Thoma as “like a 7th grade dance with the boys huddled together on one side of the room, the girls on the other”.

Singles 2

Equally wonderfully, Thoma’s commenters are on the case, before you start drawing too many conclusions. Bruce Wilder shows that the numbers involved are tiny:

We are talking about comparatively tiny surpluses: L.A. tops the male surplus list with 40,000 in an area that has a workforce of 6,500,000 and a total population of almost 13,000,000.

And another commenter rips apart the magazine’s hilarious description of more females than males being a “plurality”:

What is that – something like 49% female, 47% male, 4% other?

Eventually, the chart gets nominated for submission to the Junk Charts blog.

But still, it was fun while it lasted. And there’s obviously something going on, even if it’s very small.

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