Can Wolfowitz Just Resign Already?

When Jim Wolfensohn was leaving the World Bank and speculation

was rife as to who would succeed him,

was everybody’s favorite one-stop shop for news and rumors.

Now, of course, there’s even more World Bank President gossip going around

than there was back in 2005. So the blog has been gloriously resuscitated with

everything you ever wanted to know about Paul Wolfowitz, Shaha

Riza, the long list of people calling for Wolfowitz’s ouster, and the

much shorter list of Wolfowtiz defenders.

This story is about much more than pay hikes, or even Riza’s

2003 job in Iraq, which seemingly was obtained for her by Wolfowitz. Indeed,

Alex Wilks has more than ten

reasons why Wolfowitz

should go. Which doesn’t, of course, mean that he will.

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