Blankfein’s $41m Hamptons pad

A large part of the cachet of the Hamptons is that the money there is quieter, more understated, than in other well-heeled enclaves. The houses are ridiculously expensive, to be sure, but the architecture is low-key, and the interior decoration is beach-informal rather than Park Avenue formal.

Unless you’re Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, of course. According to Radar, Blankfein’s just dropped $41 million on this place in Southampton, featuring a “cottage” which seats 60 for dinner. Check out the ridiculously ostentatious columns! The gothic fireplace-and-chandelier combo! And are those floor plans on the walls? Maybe some redecoration is in order…




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  1. Hans Suter says:

    If it only were more expensive.

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