Who was the economist on the Libby jury?

Here’s the information that the New York Times decides to give us:

  • Investment banker and PhD economist
  • Has a PhD from MIT
  • Worked at the Council of Economic Advisers for a year in the Clinton Administration

This is almost certainly the same person that fellow juror Denis Collins refers to as “Steve”:

Does the fact that he also worked for the Clinton administration help his credibility? Steve, our numbers guy, gives us a number. “He only worked there four months.”

At one point a few of us decide to change seats. It is a providential move because it put Steve next to the Post-it board. He immediately takes over the presentation of the five counts against Libby. For more than six weeks, Steve has been logical, self deprecating and unbiased. Now he uses that reservoir of trust to guide us through our hesitation. When count 3 the False Statement made by Libby to Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper runs into a dispute over a technical point, he tables it before any rancor develops and moves to another.

Note that Steve “worked at” the CEA, he wasn’t a “member of” it. But given how few investment bankers live in Washington, there can’t be many people who fit the NYT’s description.

(I have no idea if Collins has changed names in his report. My guess is that he hasn’t, and that we’re dealing with a Steve, Steven, or Stephen here.)

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  1. mike d says:

    According to the which seems to list the CEA team from the end of Clinton’s term, lists a “Steven Braun” as the Macro Forecasting staffer.

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