Felix Salmon to blog for Portfolio

It’s in WWD, so I guess that makes it public: I’ve signed on as the finance blogger for portfolio.com, which goes live in mid-April. It’s a big commitment for me — it really is a full-time job, although I don’t need to go into the office, or anything like that — so from here on in blogging at felixsalmon.com is necessarily going to be more infrequent. More news on permalinks, RSS feeds, etc when it all happens.

UPDATE: Just to be 100% clear about this, I’m blogging for Portfolio, the new Condé Nast business magazine. I am not blogging for Women’s Wear Daily. Sorry for any confusion.

UPDATE 2: Some people seem to fear that I will be hidden behind some kind of subscriber firewall. Fear not! Portfolio.com will be utterly free to all. And I have asked to have a full, untruncated RSS feed, too.

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7 Responses to Felix Salmon to blog for Portfolio

  1. RichB says:

    Women’s Wear Daily?

    How about a little more detail?

  2. mike d says:

    Does this mean we should start calling you “∆íelix”?

  3. bws says:


  4. Stefan says:

    Fantastic, now sell the house and go live somewhere cheap — just make sure there is broadband. I can recommend Cairo — we can start a bloggers’ collective.

  5. Caravaggio says:

    Sounds like a good move Felix.

    Any idea if the Portfolio blog will be free or for subscribers only? I will miss you sorely if it’s the latter, but probably not enough to subscribe!

  6. Rachel says:

    Congrats felix. I look forward to reading it

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