RSS update

One of the rather annoying things about the old Economonitor blog was that

people who subscribed to it in FeedDemon or NetNewsWire or NewsGator kept on

seeing the entries duplicate themselves, for reasons I never managed to understand.

When I moved to, I was happy I wouldn’t have that problem any


And then this morning, all the entries went and duplicated themselves, for

everybody. Sorry.

This time, however, it’s for a reason I do understand, and I can promise

you it will only happen once: I’ve moved over to Feedburner, which means, among

other things, that (a) I can put a list of my recent posts on permalink pages;

and (b) I can get a reasonably good idea of how many RSS subscribers I have.

So that’s the explanation.

The new locations of my RSS feeds: the main one is here,

the finance one is here,

and the "everything else" one is here.

But your feedreader should have switched over automatically, if things went

according to plan.

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