Radio silence

Blogs are ridiculously addictive things. But I have a big story I have to write,

like, now. And it seems the only way I can get it done is by closing

my RSS reader and promising myself no blogging until it’s written. Plus, I have

to get on a plane to London later today. I’ll be taking my laptop, but the wifi

situation where I’m staying is decidedly suboptimal. (i.e., there isn’t

any). So we’ll see what happens between now and then, but in any case normal

service should resume on Tuesday.

BTW, I finally went to see Jenufa yesterday – the performance

I wrote about back in April.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone to an opera with such high expectations, only to

have them exceeded by so much. Without a doubt, my #1 operagoing experience

of the past 10 years. Utterly heartbreaking – and not (just) because of

the huge number of empty seats. The snow was surely partly to blame, but the

opera wasn’t even sold out, despite the fact that there were only five performances

in total. Those who did make it, though, will not soon forget it. There are

still tickets left for the final

performance – Saturday’s matinee. Go.

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  1. brad setser says:

    felix —

    thanks for the jenufa recommendation; i took your advice, and from a totally amateur perspective, agree with you —

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