Sorry about the lack of posts today – I spent the morning working on

a long piece about vulture funds (coming soon!) and the afternoon at the Armory

Show. The fact that it’s all in one place now, rather than being spread

over two piers, is great.

It’s a good one, this year – largely thanks to the Brits, who really

stand out. (Keith Tyson at Haunch of Venison, Ceal Floyer at Lisson, and, much

as I hate to admit it, Damien Hirst at White Cube spring to mind.) One gallery

I hadn’t come across before (it’s been a long time since I’ve really done the

galleries in London) is Timothy Taylor, who has a huge collection of all-stars

on his list but who devoted a lot of wall space to Ewan Gibbs, whose small drawing

on graph paper of the Empire State Building is just lovely. Also from London

is Alison Jacques, who was showing an utterly gorgeous Catherine Yass Lock.

And, of course, there are my great friends Christabel Stewart and Darren Flook,

of Hotel, showing for the first time

this year, and whose Rita Ackermann was much better than the one mirroring it

at Almine Rech next door. That said however, Rech has a really great neon piece

by Nathaniel Rackowe which is one of the standouts of the Armory. Michelle’s

favorite piece, I think, was Mark Dion’s piece about stuffed polar bears at

Tanya Bonakdar. My favourite pieces might well have been the Tony Fehers at D’Amelio Terras and PaceWildenstein, if only because they were such a pleasant change from all the freneticism elsewhere. Oh, and a message from Michelle: Sean Kelly’s getting fat. So

anyway. Must get back to those vulture funds…

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