Off to Antarctica

I’ve been meaning to write something here about biking in New York, now that

I commute to work every day. Yes, it’s true: I’ve taken a full-time job at Roubini

Global Economics, the public face of which is writing Economonitor.

Although Stefan is writing

it at the moment, since I’m on holiday

until December 26. Expect pictures of penguins upon my return!

I will leave you with one question, though, about the new bike route stencils

which first appeared in Brooklyn

and have now turned up on the Lower

East Side. Reports Streetsblog:

Design-wise, I was surprised to see the stencils placed along the side of

the travel lane. My impression, based on conversations with DOT, was that

the markings would be placed right in the middle of the travel lane. At first

glance, it seems to me that this design still sends the message that cyclists

are supposed to squeeze between parked and traveling vehicles rather than

asserting a right to the middle of the lane. DOT tells me, however, that the

stencils are placed so that if a cyclist is riding directly on top of them

they will be just far enough out in the street to avoid being hit by the opened

door of a parked car.

Which is exactly where I try to ride anyway, whether I’m on one of

these newfangled bike routes or not. Does this mean that if I bike a car door’s

away from parked cars on any other street, I’m breaking the law, which says

that I "may ride as near as practicable to the curb"?

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  1. bafc23 says:

    As I like to say; when you ride in the streets your life is in the hands of your feet.

    Basically: There is no law that will keep you safe in traffic. Nor any road marking argument that’s ever held up for a cyclist in court. Too many of us are being hit by cars, on both coasts and between. Five serious injuries in the cyclo- community here in Los over the past month. Veeeeery little police investigation or action despite witnesses, cars blatantly running stops, etc. We even have a civic code here that gives cyclists the right to a full lane of traffic; doesn’t mean shit to drivers or blueshirts.

    Best things to do: keep pedaling, keep your eyes sharp and your head on a swivel, anticipate everything before it happens, practice evasive maneuvers and good handling skills every time you ride, make sure your brakes are dialed in and you should live through the winter.

    Oh yeah, and wear a helmet.

    For a little more input, try this:

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