On Thursday, for one night only…

I’m going to be in London. On the same evening, in New York, I could go to

talks by

  • Esteemed Latinist Riordan Roett, on "The Emerging Radical Left in Latin


  • Chris Anderson and Lawrence Lessig, on The Long Tail
  • George Soros, on The War on Terror

Of course if I went to one I’d be upset I was missing the other two, so maybe

it’s not so bad I’m going to have to miss all three. But have I mentioned recently

how much I love New York?

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2 Responses to On Thursday, for one night only…

  1. dsquared says:

    Oh come on Felix; it is not as if London is short of bores, pundits and hacks with books to promote.

  2. mike d says:

    What are you doing in London for “one night only”? Drug mule?

    And where are those three speaking? Some of us might like to go…

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