New Yorker factoids

Oh, never mind the ins and outs of the diaeresis:

here’s something even more boring.

This year, as last year, the annual New Yorker Fashion Style Issue has

arrived on newsstands and in mailboxes a week after New York Fashion

Week. It’s perfect-bound – chock full of ads – but it’s a single,

not a double, issue.

And yet it costs $4.99, a dollar more than the usual New Yorker cover price

of $3.99. What’s up with that? Are people so much more likely to want to read

a long article by Larissa MacFarquhar on Diane Von Furstenburg than they are

to want to read a long article by David Remnick on Bill Clinton that they will

happily pay an extra dollar for the ability to read the former rather than the

latter? Most peculiar.

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