Felix has a job!

So I’m going to be blogging a lot more from now on, which means, weirdly enough,

that I might be blogging here even less than I did over this very light-in-posting

summer. We’ll see. I’ve taken a job at RGE

Monitor, where I’m going to be setting up a new economics blog which I’m

rather excited about. Launching soon – all ideas and suggestions gratefully

received! (Not just on economics: any tips for how to get up every morning?

I haven’t done it since December 2000, and I was woefully bad at it then…)

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12 Responses to Felix has a job!

  1. David Weman says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved. They’re good people.

    Why would a blog gig make you change your sleeping habits?

  2. bafc23 says:

    Awakening suggestions –

    1. Coffee, machine in the house ready to go – not something you can procrastinate about walking three blocks to get.

    2. A dog. They wake up early and you’ve got to pay attention to them, or they’ll piss on your G5.

    3. Going to bed earlier.

    I relish the early morning, becuase I can get a lot done before other folks are up and about, the phone doesn’t ring, it’s usually interesting weather in the morning, the sounds of morning are quite nice and you can always take a nap later.

    Napping, AKA practice for the main event, as my father is fond of saying.

  3. mike d says:

    Huzzah! That’s great news. Hopefully I’ll understand more of what you write than the 40% comprehension level I hit with Brad Setser’s blog over there. Will your work be in the subscription area, or can us cheap yutzes get to it, too?

  4. Felix says:

    The blog is definitely, absolutely, going to be free to all. And it’s going to be much less technical than the Setser and Roubini blogs: for one thing, I’m not an economist. It is going to be updated MUCH more often than their blogs, however — hence me having to get up in the mornings.

  5. Stefan says:

    As for the waking up early — go live in a different time zone. Problem solved.

    As for suggestions: Tell whoever designed the site to stop using graphics for ordinary menu texts. I’m on a 56k modem here on my islands and it is s.l.o.w.

  6. Stefan says:

    Oh I almost forgot. Awesome news. Congrats. Do we get comments to snipe in?

  7. Felix says:

    Will do. There are lots of things which need to be changed about the website’s design, and that’s just one of them.

    As for the comments: Hell, yeah!

  8. Matt says:

    Yay! But also a bit of ‘boo’ because I do love reading here.

  9. Rhian says:


    I’m with Stefan: move to Europe and go live at 2pm local.

    Whoever wrote the second comment is clearly a lark, rather than an owl (these are official scientific terms you know) and has no concept of the impossibility for owls to enjoy ‘interesting weather in the morning’. And when, exactly, does the typical working day allow for ‘naps later’?

    My best wishes are with you but I fear mornings will always be traumatic for anyone with Salmon genes. I suggest your readers look forward to afternoon entries.. or you prepare your morning pieces the night before.

    Will you have to wear a suit?!

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