Luxury amenities

I wouldn’t live in the Sculpture for Living if you paid me. (Well, of course

I would if you paid me, but I doubt that’s likely to happen any time

soon.) I rarely agree with Michael Blowhard on matters architectural, but he’s

absolutely right when he criticises

"the way it detaches itself so completely from its surroundings".

But boy do a couple of the features of the $12

million penthouse sound cool. First, there’s a "mini ‘morning kitchen’

just outside the master bedroom" for an espresso machine – I don’t

know why, but the idea of not even having to go into the kitchen to get one’s

morning jolt really tickles me. And then there’s "the windowed walk-in

closets (the better to choose your wardrobe while you’re looking at

the weather)". Dude. A windowed walk-in closet – and, given the design

of the building, a floor-to-ceiling window at that. That’s pretty cool, even

by New York standards.

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3 Responses to Luxury amenities

  1. David Sucher says:

    Windows in closets are really not that uncommon in my experience — well OK they are not common but I have seen them in older houses — but they are definitely extremely cool.

    But not having to walk into the kicthen for coffee? Huh. Well I guess that’s what makes markets.

  2. tim says:

    perfect for highly caffinated wealthy exhibitionists.

  3. Eric G says:

    Is this posting supposed to be ironic? If so, well done!

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