Dana Stevens, frustrated filmmaker

Dana Stevens is Slate’s new film critic – this is a good thing, since

Slate’s last film critic, David Edelstein, was dreadful. But can you see a pattern

emerging from her last three reviews?

You, Me and Dupree: "A

fantasy sequence, in which Carl imagines Dupree sailing on his father-in-law’s

yacht while his wife performs a striptease, points toward the movie this might

have been…"

Lady in the Water: "The

closed universe of the Cove complex (the camera never ventures outside the building’s

walls) could have been a great setting for a Rear Window-like investigation

of neighborliness gone awry. Instead…"

My Super Ex-Girlfriend: "A

less willfully misogynist movie might have made Thurman’s double identity the

starting place for an exploration of female power, super- or otherwise. What

would you do if your girlfriend not only made more money than you, but knew

how to stop an incoming missile with her bare hands? Instead…"

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