What’s on the telly?

Dad blogs

about the TV going away; Mum blogs

about the TV coming back. Apparently it was necessary for the World Cup,

which means the grown-ups caved before the kids forced them to. Are there no

pubs in Berkeley?

I do have a television, which is connected to a DVD player, but it’s not connected

to any TV. Which is fine by me. Watched Out

of Sight on DVD tonight. It’s kinda perfect, judged on it own merits. If

I ran a rep cinema, I’d screen it as a double feature with Ghost


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One Response to What’s on the telly?

  1. Lance Knobel says:

    I’m glad you’re returning to important topics.

    At one level, it is a story of grown-ups caving. But it’s also a story of power. Our children may have deeply desired to cave in, but it wouldn’t have produced a television.

    It may be that the return of the TV is a great mistake. If so, we’ll retire it after the World Cup (or maybe hold on until after the US Open tennis…).

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