Aids update

Two things struck me about this


Firstly, it’s well known now that HIV+ individuals can lead long and healthy

lives. What I was less aware of is the fact that the same is true of people

with Aids. The woman in the story had Aids as long ago as 1991, and is still

going strong. Good for her!

But how come she’s going strong? Here’s a datapoint for you: her health insurance

premiums are now $29,000 per year. Yowzers!

The central dilemma of healthcare is that as technology improves, ever more

diseases can be treated and/or cured – at ever greater cost. What happens

when those costs become unmanageable? Obviously, people will end up not getting

the best available care. But does this mean that the USA and Europe will go

the way of Africa – being theoretically able to treat Aids, but in practice

unable to afford to do so?

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One Response to Aids update

  1. Eric says:

    It seems to me that Life Partners could’ve used some reinsurance just in case people started living longer with AIDS. As it is, she won big on her gamble, and so long as the company has assets they should be going towards paying her premiums (and maybe reinsuring the policy in case she lives to age 80).

    Surely there are enough non-lucky AIDS patients to have let them build up some elbow room, in any case. I’m hopeful that in the long run (although not necessarily in my lifetime), a good result will be available far enough from the cutting edge of AIDS treatments that costs will come in line with what is affordable.

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