Publishing makes no sense, part 221

I almost fell asleep reading DealBook’s extracts

from the Greenspan book proposal:

The book will ultimately conclude that the longer-term outlook for the global

economy and, for that matter the U.S. economy as well, will be significantly

affected by the future of China. And China’s future, in turn, will depend

to a large degree on the internal struggle within China between the liberal

technocrats, who seek a market-based China, and those whose primary concern

is political control.

Someone at Penguin, however, either hasn’t heard this stuff a million times

already, or else reckons that the Greenspan name is such a draw that the general

public will read his book regardless. Of course, there’s always a third possibility:

that they don’t really expect Greenspan to earn out his $9

million advance, but they’re paying that much anyway basically for bragging


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