EU to open sans liquor license?

Frank Bruni reports

today that EU is on!

The E.U., a restaurant in the East Village, was mentioned in those same previews.

It too hasn’t opened. One of its owners, Bob Giraldi, told me yesterday

that it would be unveiled in early April.

The E.U. has been engaged in a protracted battle for a liquor license and

was rejected

by the state authority last week. Mr. Giraldi said he was weighing his options

and would open without a license if he has no other choice.

(Um, my link to Eater, not Frank’s. He might have a blog, but he doesn’t seem

to have learned how to link out, yet.)

This is possibly fantastic news for those of us in the neighborhood. We get

what should be a great new restaurant, in a lovely-looking space, which reportedly

cost over $1 million to build out; and we get to bring our own wine,

paying retail rather than restaurant prices!

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2 Responses to EU to open sans liquor license?

  1. morty says:

    Walked by the other night and they were open and cooking for some sort of limited special event. ? press? backers? Hope it opens. Great design.

  2. froggio says:

    It’s too bad that it had to be EU that ran into SLA approval but something had to be done agaisnt our neighborhood being turned into a permanent frat party.

    We have been, for some of us, living in this ‘hood for over 30 years and are fed up of these BMW driving rich kids coming from LI or NJ, shouting all night long and puking on the side walk at 4am.

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